Monday, February 2, 2015

February's group gift and great promos!

Many awesome news on KL Couture: Rita, the new group gift is already at the main store, and new MM prize too! Don't miss the last Sale days at the Outlet with thousands of items sold only 25 L$.
Check also the monthly events with great exclusives and the best prices: Fashion Wardrobe, The Black Dot Project and Sneak Peek.

Charme on sale at the Fashion Wardrobe, February 1st-24th (4 colors available)

Bloom, exclusively on sale  at The Black Dot Project, February 1st-21st (6 colors available)

Firenze, on sale at With Love Fair, February 6th-20th (LM will be provided soon)

Astoria wool & leather dress-coat, available in 7 colors at the Sneak Peek event, January 25th-February 5th.