Wednesday, November 27, 2013

KL Couture fashion show today!

KL Couture and Mahasiah Models Agency have the pleasure to invite you to the Fashion Show that will runs today, Wednesday November 27 at 02,30 PM SLT.
Come and enjoy the best fashion in a wonderful place, and see the best KL Couture creations on live!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kendra leather dress & fur

Latest KL Couture creation is called Kendra and it's so sexy! Rigged mesh leather dress with metallic studs and belt; includes a wonderful flexi fur vest! You can find it in 3 colors: black, brown and withe. DEMO version is for free, try it and make your choice!
***Last hour:  Kendra brown 50 % off only for two days at La Boniquita; don't let it pass!

With Kendra's launch, this Weekend at La Boniquita exclusively you can get Alexis suede mesh dress in red only 50 L$ sold!
Remember, only this weekend exclusively at La Boniquita de Puerto Rico!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vanity red leather dress, 50 L$ only today!

A sexy red leather dress, rigged mesh, high quality, 50 L$ priced...are you able to resist?
Don't miss this unique chance, Vanity red dress is sold 50 L$ ONLY TODAY, Tuesday November 19, at the Slebrity Slection Street Sales!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Featured Prices, 75 L$!

Happy Monday dear ladies! Let's start this week with awesome news; by now there are NEW items at the Featured Prices wall! Wonderful rigged mesh outfit in 3 colors and shoes to coordinate, ONLY 75 L$ PRICED!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Karaoke Girl dress & jewelry sets

 Latest KL creations are called Karaoke Girl; stunning sequins and silk in a open sides mini dress, rigged mesh. The dress comes in 6 glowing colors and you may complete them with Karaoke jewelry sets: necklace, earrings and bracelet in 4 versions for each mood!




Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1500 group members gift!

Hi lovely girls!
KL Couture group reached 1500 members and I want to celebrate with a very special gift!
Charlize dress  is so sexy and comes with belt, bangles and necklace, all scripted resizable to fit to you perfectly.  Don't be the last to grab it!

Don't forget November's group gift, Cleo, check the Outlet with lower prices and take a look on all the areas...KL Couture is the place where you will find that fashion item you were looking for!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

50 L$ and 50% Promo Today on KL Couture!

Hi wonderful ladies!
As each Tuesday the merchants on SLebrity City offers some great items at 50 L$ or 50% off. Take a look there and renew your wardrobe without spend a fortune!

Kora dress & jewelry 50 L$, COPY version

Rodeo denim jacket black 50% OFF, COPY version

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Special Marketplace Promo: 2 outfit only 1 L$!

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm so happy seeing all the support that you give to KL Couture from its earliest days; this brand couldn't come this far without all of you and your love for fashion!
Now is the time to give a boost to your favorite brand to reach more people and spread throughout Second Life. You can help KL Couture to be one of the big fashion houses!
And if you get two fabulous dresses also, it wouldn't be great news?
It's so easy! Just visit the KL Couture store at the Marketplace site, buy Ava Charcoal outfit for 1 L$, jewelry included (Yes! Only 1, isn't fabulous?), let a review with 5 stars and send me a NC with your name (no display names!) and copy of your transaction, and I'll send to you Lavinia dress & Jewelry as a GIFT on next 48 hours.

1. Login into the Marketplace:

2. Buy Ava charcoal mesh outfit and pay 1 L$
3. Go in the Marketplace link again and write a review (a good one, please!) Give 5 stars to Ava Charcoal Mesh Outfit. Don't forget the 5 stars or or you will not get your dress for free!

4. Go in your inventory and create a Notecard, rename it with "Your Name-Ava purchase". Example: Kyria Lowenstark-Ava purchase. NO DISPLAY NAMES! Only SL login names are accepted. Display names may change often and be repeated in many avatars. Your login name is only yours.
Copy in the NC the transaction of your purchase. You can find it in your account dashboard: , My account, Transaction Historic

4. Send the Notecard to Kyria Lowenstark. Send it ONLY inworld on SL; don't send me your purchase info via Facebook, Marketplace, my profile on or any other way. ONLY INWORLD NOTECARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
5. Your KL Couture_Lavinia dress & Jewelry will be delivered to you in 48 hours. If don't, resend me the NC renamed "Your name-Lavinia free-Failed"

IMPORTANT: Don't buy more than 1 Ava Charcoal outfit; even if other colors are Transfer, during this special promotion Ava Charcoal is No Transfer/Yes Copy.  Same for Lavinia dress & Jewelry gift. Buy more than 1 is a waist of time.
This is a limited time special promotion, so spread the word!
If you want to help KL Couture to become a huge brand, pass this info to your friends, lovers, alts, family, boss, staff...and share your KL addiction!

Kyria Lowenstark, KL Couture CEO, designer & creator

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Orion Luxury Shoes, a piece of art on your feet!

Orion Luxury Shoes, an exquisite piece of art for the most demanding feet. Crocodile leather, gold, diamonds and gems to enhance your silhouette and leave a trace!

Also as a launch Special Promo, two Special Pack are available: with the purchase of Orion black or red, you may have Josephine sequined dress & boa for only 10 L$ more!!!
The Special Pack are placed on the red carpet in front to Orion Luxury Shoes vendors. Make you a gorgeous complete look for only 10 L$ more than Orion Luxury Shoes regular price!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

KL Couture stunning special sales!

Hello lovely ladies!
I bet all of you love shopping without spend a you must visit the awesome Sales Rooms and benefit on the fantastic items on sale to low prices they offers to you, only for a very limited time!
Currently KL Couture take part on:
*SLebrity Selection Street Sales; there you may buy Natasha complete outfit ONLY 50 L$ AND ONLY TODAY, TUESDAY!

*The Candy Factory; Karaoke Girl black dress price is 95 S$ and Karaoke jewelry set 75 L$! November 1st to 14th.

*Sandia Room; there are Madeline red outfit and Madeline red shoes priced only 99 L$ each! November 1st to 23th.

*I Love Shoes (starting next Thursday); there Madeline red shoes are in company of another awesome colors: black, camel, brown leopard and white leopard. Only 99 L$ from November 7th to 17th!

Don't miss The Rock Attitude Hunt and get a wonderful rock & roll inspired item! Click on the RAH poster at the main store entrance for infos, LM and hints!

And of course, your November's Group Gift is always available at the main store.